Odigos Consultants is a Kolkata-based sales consulting firm specializing in comprehensive services for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in South Asia and Africa. With their expertise, they offer not only B2B market research, but also customized sales consulting and related services.

The job

As a designer, I had the privilege to assist in designing Odigos’s corporate identity for the grand opening event. One of the most challenging yet exciting tasks was to create a meaningful logo that embodies the identity and values of his company.

I created various designs that reflected its vision and the company’s industry knowledge. We carefully selected the color palette, fonts, and graphic elements to ensure the logo was professional and memorable.

I also developed the overall corporate design, which forms the basis of the company’s visual identity. This included the design of letterheads, business cards, presentation templates and other key business documents to ensure that every aspect of the company’s identity was cohesive and appealing.


Logo Design

odigos logo design roy mediengestaltung