Deniz Kizilyel - Your motor vehicle expert in the north

Deniz Kizilyel runs an office that specializes in independent motor vehicle appraisals. He helps customers to make claims against the opposing insurance company for motor vehicle accident damage that was not their fault. His services are free of charge for liability claims.

Accident appraisals
Cost estimates
Vehicle valuations
Cost and invoice verification

Deniz Kizilyel is a reliable expert and supports customers with motor vehicle accidents and vehicle valuations.

The job

I provided a wide range of services for Deniz Kizilyel and his motor vehicle appraisal office, focusing on the design and presentation of his brand. This included the development of a corporate design including a logo, the creation of a professional website and the implementation of effective social media campaigns.

We increased online visibility through Google Ads and SEO optimization. I also designed appealing flyers and business cards and developed eye-catching foil designs for vehicles.

Comprehensive marketing strategies rounded out my services, while I continuously created social media assets and produced infotainment videos about automotive experts in collaboration with independent creators.

Overall, my work was instrumental in strengthening the brand and his automotive appraisal business by optimizing both online and offline presence and increasing awareness.


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