Freshbird Ventures is a Germany-based venture capital and advising company designed to conceptualize, validate and launch disruptive new (business) activities. With partners such as multinationals, research institutions, venture capital funds, and private equity investors worldwide, they develop, source and support new ventures. Their expertise combines in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship at the intersection of product development, market insight, entrepreneurial experience, and a deep understanding of the driving forces and trends of the future.

The job

My work for Freshbird Ventures spanned several creative areas. 

Corporate Design: The development of a consistent corporate design that embodies Freshbird Ventures’ identity. This included the selection of color palettes, fonts and design elements to be used throughout the corporate identity.

Logo: The creation of a meaningful logo that not only looks professional, but also reflects Freshbird Ventures’ core values and vision. The logo is the centerpiece of the company’s visual identity.

Social Media Assets: The creation of graphic elements and content for Freshbird Ventures’ social media presence. These assets were developed to effectively communicate the brand message on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.

These creative deliverables helped to establish and effectively showcase the Freshbird Ventures brand. 

It was an exciting collaboration through which we successfully expressed the company’s message through creativity and design.


Corporate Design

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