Dr. Sara Fanara, also known as 'The Girl from Vesuvius', is an outstanding scientist and a valuable client. Her deep passion for mineralogy and geology is reflected in her impressive academic career and groundbreaking research. Her expertise spans a wide range of topics, including the mechanisms of diffusion in silicate glasses and melts, the characterization of glass for nuclear waste disposal, and the dynamics of magma ascent processes. Her research has not only contributed to a deeper understanding of geological processes, but has also enabled practical applications in relation to volcanism and nuclear waste storage. Dr. Fanara's commitment to scientific excellence and her contribution to the advancement of knowledge in her field make her an extremely valuable researcher.

The job

I had the privilege of assisting Dr. Sara Fanara with the creation of her corporate design and brand identity. This included developing a meaningful logo that reflects her personality and area of research. Additionally, I designed professional business cards and Letterhead that showcase her contact information in style.

Furthermore, I created a stunning portfolio website for Dr. Fanara that sensitively showcases her academic achievements, research and unique identity as ‘The Girl from Vesuvius’. The website provides an engaging and informative experience for her visitors.

My work for Dr. Fanara aimed to strengthen her professional presence and highlight her unique role in the world of geology. 

It was an inspiring collaboration that challenged my skills as a designer and makes me proud to have contributed to the advancement of their scientific mission.


Corporate Design
& Webdesign

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